Located directly on the beach, in a natural bay 3 km from Capo d’Orlando, on the northern coast of Sicily, between the Nebrodi Park and the Aeolian Islands.

Testa di Monaco Beach

Choose a magical place. Testa di Monaco beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Capo d’Orlando and in Sicily.  3 km from the touristic harbour Capo d’Orlando Marina. From Testa di Monaco you can reach in a day the Aeolian Island and the most beautiful and historical places in Sicily.

Sanctuary of Capo d’Orlando

Exposed as it is to the rain and storms, it is difficult to reach during the winter, while for the rest of the year only 320 steps separate the church from faithful and sporting visitors and tourists.

Capo d'orlando lighthouse

The Capo d’Orlando lighthouse has always been a reference point for the fishermen of the coast, as well as the symbol of the town, together with the Monte della Madonna.

Nebrodi Park

Nebrodi Park, with its almost 86,000 ha, is the largest nature reserve in Sicily. The Catafurco falls are not to be missed, a fascinating, almost fairy-tale setting which can be seen by anyone reaching this beautiful place, made up of incredibly high walls and rocks hollowed over time by the impetuous flowing of the waters of the San Basilio stream. Book your excursions directly at reception when you arrive!


An ancient Greek-Roman city founded by Dionysius I of Syracuse, and later occupied by the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Arabs. At Tindari, it is possible to visit the Antiquarium, the
Baths, the Cyclopean wall, the Roman-Greek theatre (where in the Summer, Tragedies are staged), and lastly the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna. Situated on a headland of the Nebrodi mountains,
Tindari looks out over the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Marinello Lake Nature Reserve from a height of 268 metres.

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are one of 58 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy.  They are reachable, from Capo d’Orlando in summer or from Milazzo in winter.

Capo d'Orlando Harbour

Capo d’Orlando Marina is located at a beautiful natural setting, in San Gregorio, an ancient fishing village to the east of Capo d’Orlando. In the summer there are daily departures for the Aeolian Islands.

Volcano Etna

The pictures are taken by Gaetano Spagnolo and our young guest “Carlotta”

Nebrodi Adventure Park

The Nebrodi Adventure Park is located in the “Bosco Soprano” in Contrada Pado, a magnificent oak forest, in the heart of the Nebrodi Park, the largest protected area of Sicily, about 4 km from Longi and 5 km from Galati Mamertino. It’s the first Adventure Park in the province of Messina and it is a pleasant, fun and exciting way to discover the beauty of nature and the wonderful landscapes typical of the Nebrodi. It was created for fans of all ages who have here the opportunity to enjoy direct contact with a healthy environment

The Pyramid of Antonio Presti

In the Halesa Valley, the Pyramid, in the Fiumara d’Arte route, is the last of the works of the magnificent open-air gallery winding along the course of the ancient river Halesus, in the territory of Motta d’Affermo, On 21 June, the summer solstice festival ‘The Rite of Light’ takes place.

Maulazzo Lake

Rental a bike and go around Lago Maulazzo till “Monte Soro” in the Nebrodi park


Ficarra rises in the Nebrodi Mountains, in a territory so beautiful dominated by the noble family of the Lancia di Brolo with whom the country lived a long period of splendor. Ficarra hosted the famous poet of “Gattopardo”, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, in the Summer of 43, from that stay the writer drew inspiration for some characters and landscapes of his famous work. Even the lyrical poet Lucio Piccolo cousin of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa lived in Ficarra, his figure is depicted in a bronze statue in the streets of the country. Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna Annunziata, the Convent of the Hundred Arches, the prison fortress and several museums including the interactive olive oil made with the restoration of an ancient oil mill.