Little Sicily 2020

The manifestación, which takes place annually in May, promotes all the most beautiful traditions, those of Sicily that excels. Three days dedicated to Sicily in all its artistic and cultural expressions. An annual event that wants to enhance Capo D’Orlando and the products of all the Sicilian tradition. The cultural heritage, the food and wine tradition of the Nebrodi, the beauty of the ceramics of Santo Stefano di Camastra, the charm of the puppet theater, the folklore of the Sicilian carts, the wonderful panoramas.  Cuisine, crafts, folklore, history, music, cinema. A container that wants to make the most of Capo D'Orlando's naturalistic and commercial resources, having Sicilianity as its center of attraction in its most varied forms, enhancing not only the classic traditions of the Sicilian cart, the puppet theater and Santo's ceramics Stefano di Camastra, but also the gastronomic tradition of the Nebrodi, the beauty of the places the millennial history of the Castello Bastione.

Easter 2020

Easter in Sicily from € 79 double room with breakfast. book now write on whatsapp  +393496740663